Centre for migrant women victims of gender violence or/and in risk of social exclusion in Madrid

The centre for migrant women victims of gender violence or/and in risk of social exclusion and their children from Movimiento por la Paz MPDL in Madrid was created in 2002. With 10 places and a 3months period of stay, is based in two main axes of methodology intervention: gender and migration.

The project provides women and their children a place that guarantee their security and basic needs during 3 months, and a specialised support through a personalised integral assistance from different areas: social, occupational, educational, psycological and legal for women and their children, fully involving them in their autonomy and process, as well as the social and educational agents (Police, Social Services, NGO…). Because the aim is not only being a palliative tool, but an independent resource for the promotion of an effective integration of the women and their children, while of the awareness of their rights.

By all mentioned aboved, integral assistance provided focuses on the particular vulnerability of the women at the centre in order to be effectively implemented: the psychosocial reality of migrant women, cultural differences and migratory project, and the administrative situation in Spain. In addition to these circumstances, some other considerations must be taken, such as the irregular administrative situation of the partner in the country, social and economical situation of the women, and lack of social/family support. In Spain, current numbers shows a feminisation of poverty, and particularly of migrant women. Unemployment rates indicates a 16% of Spanish women, and a 26% of migrant women. Similar differences are seen related to living conditions and risk of social exclusión, where women migrant are the most vulnerable group.

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