Trainings carried out in Malta as part of the Best Practices in Tackling Trafficking Nigerian Route

di People for Change Foundation

MALTA – In June 2018, as part of the Best Practices in Tackling Trafficking Nigerian Route (BINI) project, the People for Change Foundation carried out training sessions with two government entities; staff members from Aġenzija Appoġġ (Foundation for Social Welfare Services) and representatives from the Office of the Refugee Commissioner. The training with Aġenzija Appoġġ was delivered to the Domestic Violence Unit, which deals with sexual exploitation, as well as the Intake and Family Support Service (IFSS) which supports victims of labour exploitation and domestic servitude.

Both training sessions covered definitions of human trafficking and its limitations, as well as human trafficking in relation to other crimes (smuggling, labour exploitation and sexual exploitation). The international, regional and domestic frameworks were examined as well as the rights of trafficked persons (under international, EU and Maltese law).

The training with Aġenzija Appoġġ focused more on the identification of victims and human trafficking indicators as well as how social workers should work with victims and potential victims. The training session for the representatives of the Office of the Refugee Commissioner concentrated on refugees and asylum claims lodged by trafficked persons (as assessing asylum claims falls under their remit), as well as procedural issues in dealing with trafficked persons. This training session also addressed the possibility of re-trafficking, and fears of ostracism experienced by arriving asylum seekers as a form of persecution in the context of trafficking-based asylum claims.

This training was well-received, and evaluations showed that participants found the training informative and extensive, requesting further training in future.

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